Friday, March 9, 2012

Vegas Baby!

Heather and Dr Eric and I at the Crown Council Event in Las Vegas in January! It was actually a pretty good conference with some mediocre sprinkled in. It was really fun to hang out with Heather, and we went to the show "O" which was AMAZING! Thanks for a great time friends!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Double Birthday parties are always a blast! I grew up doing double birthday parties, and i must say that the Lion House birthday with the porcelain dolls trumps pretty much anything else, BUT horse riding and feeding strange animals for your birthday is pretty far up there!!!! Have you EVER in your life seen a happier girl???? She was in heaven with the horses!!! I enjoyed feeding the animals more, but then again, i didn't get to ride the ponies. :(
Not everyone in the family was as inspired by horses. HA!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


This is the day we got sealed September 24th. YAY! This was taken in front of the SLC temple by Amber. (Thanks Amber!) It was an awesome day.


So, the top quilt (the blue and brown one) is one that I made for Matt and NIckole's new little man-child. They just had him and named him Lincoln. How flippin cute it that! Carrie said that he is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Can't wait to meet him.
The second quilt is a Tink quilt that I made for Marley, it even has an M and a Star for Marley Star. She loved it!!!! Now it is time to start on some Christmas projects. YAY!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Matching Hats

Super crazy weekend, don't want to talk about it. :) The great thing is though, knitting is a stress reliever, and now Enzo and I have matching knitted hats. Just what he's always wanted. I think that Enzo would rather have a hat with a pocket in it, so he can ride on my head for the rest of his life.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No seriously....a quilt a day.

No, i didn't quit my job and start a quilting career. Just have needed some "cool down" time. So quilting and my lovely piano are now those outlets. Yay for my pretty piano. I will have to name it and photograph it, and stick it up here. But for now, you get quilt #2. this is for sweet Nali-bugs. That is why it says bugs. One thing to remember....If you have a fuzzy back (this one is chinelle), make sure that you do more than a 2'' binding so that you can have a bigger seam allowance to be POSITIVE that you catch all the fuzzy etc. Lesson Learned. :) Next quilt.....Marley's. She chose multiple shades of pink, and wanted it to have a puppy on it. Hmmmmm Not quite sure how that is going to work, but we'll figure it out.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Quilt a day & randall & poo. yeah, that's right poo

So here is the most random post, but it pretty much sums up our last couple weeks. First of all we bought our camera. His name is Randall. he is beautiful, and he is 21 mega pixels of deliciousness. Some of the first shot taken by him

OK, second shot, This is what happens when you allow grammie to feed your mutts table food all of sunday afternoon...... just take my word for it, don't invite grammie next time. :)

Ok, so my photos aren't loading in the correct format, but I'm not blog-ged enough to know how to change it....oh well. So photo #s the rest are of my quilt a day program. This quilt was done with NO hand sewing. Yeah, you heard me right....NO hand sewing!!!! Machine quilted and bound. I still have feeling in the tips of my fingers, and I just finished it like 10 minutes ago. I think that i have found my new favorite binding. Watch out though, you can fry the batting as you are pressing. Who knew. :)