Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No seriously....a quilt a day.

No, i didn't quit my job and start a quilting career. Just have needed some "cool down" time. So quilting and my lovely piano are now those outlets. Yay for my pretty piano. I will have to name it and photograph it, and stick it up here. But for now, you get quilt #2. this is for sweet Nali-bugs. That is why it says bugs. One thing to remember....If you have a fuzzy back (this one is chinelle), make sure that you do more than a 2'' binding so that you can have a bigger seam allowance to be POSITIVE that you catch all the fuzzy etc. Lesson Learned. :) Next quilt.....Marley's. She chose multiple shades of pink, and wanted it to have a puppy on it. Hmmmmm Not quite sure how that is going to work, but we'll figure it out.