Monday, March 29, 2010

Quilt a day & randall & poo. yeah, that's right poo

So here is the most random post, but it pretty much sums up our last couple weeks. First of all we bought our camera. His name is Randall. he is beautiful, and he is 21 mega pixels of deliciousness. Some of the first shot taken by him

OK, second shot, This is what happens when you allow grammie to feed your mutts table food all of sunday afternoon...... just take my word for it, don't invite grammie next time. :)

Ok, so my photos aren't loading in the correct format, but I'm not blog-ged enough to know how to change it....oh well. So photo #s the rest are of my quilt a day program. This quilt was done with NO hand sewing. Yeah, you heard me right....NO hand sewing!!!! Machine quilted and bound. I still have feeling in the tips of my fingers, and I just finished it like 10 minutes ago. I think that i have found my new favorite binding. Watch out though, you can fry the batting as you are pressing. Who knew. :)

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BIRD&BEAR said...

seriously a picture of the poo? Was it necessary that we have to see a picture of the poo? Sensoring isn't always good, but sometimes it is needed. Love the quilts though